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Virginia Tech

Ihr habt es sicher schon gehoert oder gelesen. gestern ist in einem college ganz nah von hier ein schueler mit einer waffe losgezogen und hat 33 menschen - sich selbst eingeschlossen- umgebracht.
ich leite normalerweise keine kettenbriefe weiter, aber das hier ist etwas anderes.
Es werden viele von meinen freunden nach dem sommer nach Vtech gehen und eine menge leute die ich kenne gehen dort hin.
zum glueck ist denen nichts passiert.
was denkt sich so jemand nur????

for protecting thoes souls of my loved ones and thoes close to me who attend virginia tech.

may you now please watch over for thoes familes so unfortunate.

- c hustler.

A day to be remembered in history

"The largest mass shooting in U.S. History"

“None of us thought it was gunshots,” the college sophomore said.

But within seconds the source of the sound became clear, when a gunman entered the lecture hall and shot the professor before turning his guns on students.
“He didn’t say a single word the whole time,” said Perkins. “He didn’t say get down, he didn’t say anything. He just came in and started shooting.”

Perkins and his classmates instinctively fell to the ground, turning over desks to create barriers between themselves and the shooter, who seemed to be firing randomly.

“He started shooting around,” Perkins recalls. “I’m not sure how long it lasted. It felt like a really long time, but was probably only a minute or so.”

Perkins said the most striking thing about the shooter was his stoic demeanor.

“He looked like, I guess you could say, serious," he told MSNBC TV hours after the incident. "He didn’t look frightened at all, he didn’t look angry. Just a straight face.”

Perkins' first thoughts were of survival — and the suffering of his mother if he didn’t make it. He tried to think of a course of action, but he was blocked in place by two overturned desks.

When the gunman finally left, Perkins and two other students, one of them bleeding from a wound to the arm, tried to brace the door closed to prevent his return.

“He started to try to open the door again, and then tried to shoot through the door, four, five, maybe six shots,” remembers Perkins. “Fortunately none of those shots hit anyone.”

As he and the other students still standing scrambled to help the injured, they could hear shooting elsewhere in the building.

Perkins said there were about a dozen wounded people in the classroom. He said he used his sweatshirt to try to stanch the bleeding in the shooting victims.

Please pass this on and pray for these people whose lives were lost and their family&friends who have been affected by this tragegy.Whether you are from Virginia or not,please pass this on.These people were somebody's loved ones.A daughter,son,grandchild,only child,niece or nephew,aunt or uncle,sorority sister,high school sweetheart,boyfriend or girlfriend,soulmate, mother, father.
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